WRESTLING WITH GOD, the award-winning drama about the early struggles of Alexander Campbell and the beginnings of the Restoration Movement has been praised by secular critics and clerical scholars as diverse as Gannett Newspapers, Movieguide, ABC Clio Video Review Magazine, The Book Reader Magazine and The Restoration Review. Now, you can own the DVD.
"FOUR STARS! A beautiful and powerful film, masterfully directed and performed."
David Monroe, MOVIEGUIDE
"Cinematic poetry... A captivating film.
See this film to experience the power of cinematic art to encourage, to uplift, and to create emotional and aesthetic belief. Unparalleled in its beauty and truth."
Dr. Jack Welch, The Restoration Review
"A superior piece of work!
Writer/Director Jerry Jackson excels... a seemless flow. Paul Mercier, an actor with a haunting face and a gaze of furious intensity, creates a sterling, dynamic lead. David Ackroyd gives an equally impressive performance, getting full mileage from the wit and vinegar Jackson has poured into his script."
Joan Bunke, Arts Editor, Gannett Newspapers
"Touches the aesthetic senses with delight...
enchants, informs and inspires."
John O. Humbert, North American President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
"The medium of film at its best!
Captures the essence of a period, a movement, a person."
Richard Harrison, Vanderbilt University
"Without trivializing or propagandizing, the film
opens a door of understanding."
Ronald E. Osborn, Professor American Church History Emeritus, School of Theology, Claremont, CA
"Reveals in a profound way the struggle of a free spirit.
Challenges viewers to come to grips with basic issues at the nexus of American freedom."
Hiram J. Lester, President and Fellow of Campbell Research Institute
"The quiet dignity and deep spirituality
of the film provides a stimulating experience for people of all persuasions."
James I. Spainhower, President, Division of Higher Education, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
"The gripping story of one man's struggle with faith.
Emotionally and aesthetically inspiring."
Review, The Book Reader Magazine
"Draws the viewer into thoughts of values and religion without being sectarian or dogmatic.
A well done, thought-provoking production."
Thomas Schmitt, ABC Clio Video Review Magazine

ENGLISH (for the hearing impaired), SPANISH, ARABIC and dubbed into PORTUGUESE

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