WRESTLING WITH GOD, the award-winning drama about the early struggles of Alexander Campbell and the beginnings of the Restoration Movement has been praised by secular critics and clerical scholars as diverse as Gannett Newspapers, Movieguide, ABC Clio Video Review Magazine, The Book Reader Magazine and The Restoration Review. Now, you can own the DVD.

Unexpected challenges are the norm in film production. But for most of the people involved, there were extraordinary stories that came out of this experience. We wrestled with biblical rain, thunder and lightning, floods, trucks hopelessly mired in knee deep mud, mechanical failures, and animals with bizarre behaviors, including flatulence, stage fright and propensities to bolt and go missing (no animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture). But with heroic efforts from all involved, WRESTLING WITH GOD survived and thrived.

Here are some pics from the production scrapbook... Click on the "i" to read captions.

Shooting the "dappled sunlight" scene where Margaret Campbell (Allison Gregory) soothes Alexander's (Paul Mercier) upset about public reaction to his message. L>R, Tom Tillisch (script suprervisor/AD). Jerry L. Jackson (writer/director/producer), Kevin Cable (DP).  From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Shooting the Campbells setting up their first church - in a restored log church near Gaston's Mill in Ohio. L>R Michael Strong (production recordist), Kevin Cable (DP), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Jane Campbell), Paul Mercier (Alexander Campbell), Bill Hayes (Thomas Campbell), Jerry L. Jackson (writer/director/producer). Hidden on the other side of Jerry is Allison Gregory (Margaret Campbell). From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Alexander (Paul Mercier) and Margaret (Allison Gregory) courting in a buggy, take shelter from a heavy downpour inside the covered bridge at Meadwocroft Historic Village, near Avella Pennsylvania.  From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Travelling to the new world, last leg of the journey by wagon in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania.  Jane Campbell (Susan Seaforth Hayes) huddles her younger brood (Katie Cook, Kermit Cook, Katie Hull, Nicole Du Bois, Jennifer Fuqua, Doris Cochran) while Alexander (Paul Mercier) worries about what lies ahead. The wangon driver is Junior Murrell one of our amazing wranglers who supplied all our period vehicles and tack.   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Thomas Campbell (Bill Hayes) and Jane (Susan Seaforth Hayes) share a moment at the baptism scene, under the watchful eye of our meticulous Costume Designer, Debra DeVito Jackson (in the straw hat, foreground).   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. A rehearsal of the opening scene - the Bread Man (Domenic Poggi) reaching out to the Christ-like beggar (Jeffrey R. West).   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Julia Huffman, one of the erstwhile interns who tirelessly worked above and beyond the call, ready to slate a scene.   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. writer/director/producer Jerry L. Jackson discusses an upcoming scene with supervising producer/art director Jan Franklin.   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Allison Gregory (Margaret Campbell) and Paul Mercier (Alexander Campbell) in a light moment as they "eagerly" await their immersion into the flooded Buffalo Creek for the baptism scene.   From the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. The actual Campbell Mansion, outside Bethany, West Virginia was a key location in the award-winning drama, WRESTLING WITH GOD. Gaston's Mill, a restored, working mill at Beaver Creek State Park in Ohio was both exterior and interior location for the pivotal scene where Alexander relents to gentle nudging from Margaret and agrees to his first debate. The Lawrence Mansion at Hartwood Acres Park in Pittsburgh served as the exterior for a street in Glasgow,  Scotland. This covered bridge at Meadowcroft Historic Village near Avella, Pennsylvania was the location for Alexander and Margaret, sheltering from the rain, discussing the future... The iconic portrait of Alexander Campbell created by J. Boglo, ca. 1837 - that would make him 49 in this portrait!!


ENGLISH (for the hearing impaired), SPANISH, ARABIC and dubbed into PORTUGUESE

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